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Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Valentine's Anniversary to Maryland wedding couple

Last year DellaBlooms was designing a bouquet, floral crown for a lovely bride who'd just arrived from England.  She and her groom met in LA and it's a very long story but finally she was coming back to the US to marry her sweetheart.  Snow was in the forecast and the predictions were right; there was so much snow the intended ceremony site, the Annapolis Courthouse was closed.
Ryan had their rings engraved with 2/14/14 so this wedding HAD to happen on this day.  Sobrina, the lovely bride was ready, the flowers were ready, the photographer was set, and the family was so excited for this day to arrive.  After much scrambling Ryan contacted his pastor and the bed and breakfast in town where they planned to spend the weekend.    The proprietor at the B&B said, "Yes!" and the pastor said, "Yes!"  Plan B to the rescue!
Edwards McBride head wreath
Sobrina has the perfect hair for a floral crown
Edwards McBride wellies3
Love, love, love their Wellies
These two have model smiles!
DellaBlooms Annapolis red valentine bouquet bride and groom in alley
The alley ways in Annapolis are perfect for intimate moments. 

Happy anniversary Sobrina and Ryan!

Wedding Vendors:
Photographer:  labirdiephotography
Bed and Breakfast:  chezamis
Floral Design:  DellaBlooms

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