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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Engagement Photos + Howard County, MD

I know I promised more wedding photos but first I wanted to post some Pre-Wedding photos or Engagement photos of a very special couple.  This engagement was planned from Ghana while the groom-to-be was there working for the summer.  He planned the purchase of the ring, the photographers to capture the moment, wrote his love letters, arranged for the driver and prayed it would be a total surprise.
 She was totally surprised!

 The ring fit perfectly!
 Dinner was at the place they'd shared their first date.  
 Groom-to-Be asked both sets of parents to be there to celebrate with them.  

The proposal was perfect and she said YES!  Love you two!
Photos by Kyle Bergner Photography


  1. What a lovely engagement story. Sounds as though the groom-to-be went through a lot of work to pull that off. He must be quite head over heels for her. Lovely engagement photos.

  2. Love the pictures. Very cute couple! Congratulations!!! I love nature & the way she was totally surprised!

  3. Stunning photographs! You both make a beautiful couple. It reminded me of my engagement party at one of local event space Chicago. For photography a talented photographer was hired who made our day memorable by clicking wonderful pictures.