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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Cost of Wedding Flowers for Maryland Weddings

I just read this fabulous article written by a floral designer who shows you step by step what's involved in flowers for your wedding day.  From your initial consultation with your designer to growing, ordering, conditioning, designing and delivering practices all the details are here in this article.  If you've ever assumed you could be tempted to do flowers yourself, ask your mom's best friend to do them, or questioned  floral designer prices, read on.  http://www.weddingaces.com/2010/01/the-cost-of-wedding-flowers-part-2/

I understand when a bride sets a budget for flowers but it's like budgeting for any other item, if you've never planned a wedding before then you really have no idea how much it will cost.  So meet early with your floral designer and glean from their experience.  After all, they've done this hundreds of times and have seen many styles, budgets, and venues.  They become your best secret resource for planning your perfect wedding.

I know it's backwards but part one of the article is here http://www.weddingaces.com/2010/01/the-cost-of-wedding-flowers-part-1/ and gives details about actually planting and growing each flower.

I look forward to talking to you about your wedding flowers!  It's my favorite subject and I'm passionate about remarkable weddings. 


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  1. Love all the Cost of Wedding Flowers for Maryland Weddings you’ve managed to capture! Especially the way they present the wedding flower. Great great work!